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Welcome to The Khaya Project's Sponsors Page!


Are you ready to make a lasting impact on the lives of teenagers and support their journey towards success?


The Khaya Project is seeking sponsors and brands who share our passion for empowering youth and believe in their potential. By partnering with us, you have the opportunity to sponsor the membership of a deserving teenager, allowing them to benefit from our comprehensive programs and resources while remaining anonymous.


Additionally, you can sponsor a group of children based on their exceptional achievements and contributions, providing them with access to a supportive community and skill development opportunities.


For brands seeking to align with our teenage population, we offer sponsorship opportunities for our ambassadors who embody high-quality skills, values, and influence within their communities.

By sponsoring our ambassadors at The Khaya Project, brands have the unique opportunity to gain exposure and reach their teenage audience effectively. We understand the importance of setting clear objectives to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. Our team works closely with brands to define specific goals, such as increasing brand awareness among teenagers, driving traffic to their online platforms, or promoting specific products or services. We collaborate with brands to create tailored campaigns and activations that resonate with our teenage members, leveraging our ambassadors as influential voices within their communities. Through strategic branding and targeted messaging, brands can connect with our teenage audience authentically and build long-lasting relationships. As a result, sponsors can expect increased brand visibility, enhanced reputation, and a boost in customer engagement.


Join us in amplifying your brand's message and capturing the attention of the next generation.

Join the Brandwagon!

Whether you are a sponsor wanting to contribute to the membership of a teenager, a local business wanting to support, or a brand wanting to partner, thank you for your interest!

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